The Job Board Abyss

Two pieces about social media and recruiting that forecast similar ideas: many organizations are using recruitment approaches that are so, well…. 2007.

The Wall Street Journal highlights organizations that are bypassing resumes and instead exploring a candidate’s “web presence” to determine organizational fit. Along with online surveys, social media tools such as LinkedIn are providing better information about a potential employee than a resume. And speaking of “resume caverns,” this piece over at the Sirona Says blog indicates that recruitment professionals, in general, are still stuck in neutral. Many are either not up to date on new recruitment trends and/or don’t have the right skills.  Money quote:

Job seekers (the lifeblood of recruiters) are suffering from ‘job board-itus’ and are now using less job boards. YET recruiters are now using more job boards in the hope they will find the people they want. Only one answer to that – DIMINISHING RETURNS.

Shrinking returns indeed. Fee-paying organizations are getting tired of tossing money into the resume pit. Today’s job seekers know that using a job board in hopes of finding employment is equivalent to taping a resume to the Great Wall of China in hopes a recruiter will walk by and notice it. Not-going-to–happen. Well, at least not for the majority of them.

Social media is here to stay – so use it.