Latino Talent is Built on Determination

A National Bureau of Economic Research study indicates that college students are working less hours while attending school. The study outlines a few reasons including increased tuition costs as well as the economic situation.

The study makes this conclusion:

In 2009, for the first time ever, 18 to 22 year old high school graduates were more likely to be going to college and not working than they were to be working and not going to college. Employment rates and hours of work among college students in 2009 were near a 30-year low.

However, one chart in the study caught my eye – average weekly hours (worked) by demographic group:

Indeed, there are fewer Latinos working while attending college than in 2000. However, the chart also illustrates that Latinos by far work more hours than any other demographic group while attending college. The chart reveals how much more over a 40 year period.
There are many consequences connected to this issue for Latinos in college – lengthier “to graduation” rates, decreased academic performance, less financial aid, etc.

However, another comes to mind – the determination and robustness of the Latino workforce.