The Future of Work

What’s the future of work?

I came across this incredible video today (h/t Luis Suarez) that captures what I think the future of work will look like – and what it is for me – now.

Over the last few years, I’ve developed multiple identities and/or multiple jobs: college instructor, blogger, entrepreneur, researcher, community activist, and father. Not one of these activities occupies my whole day; I simply navigate between them seamlessly – and not only between eight and five.

Technology, especially social media, has allowed me build a very non-traditional existence. The experience wasn’t planned or expected – it evolved to what it is today. Each is a passion and each experience can be shared with hundreds even thousands of people a day.

In this video, entrepreneur T.A. McCann, rightly blows away the idea of compartmentalized lives. Home. Work. Play. Home. Work.

The future of work will be less rigid or hierarchical.

So very true –especially for me. The lines of my identity have certainly blurred between those who I consider friends and people with who I do work. I really don’t have “co-workers.” I have partners, students, mentees, advisors, teachers, and kids!

In tomorrow’s “work” we build relationships – or not. The future of work is now.

And here I thought I was the only one!