Those So Called Latino Talent Initiatives

Many organizations understand the importance of inclusion to their businesses. Yet, the representation of Latinos in corporations, at all levels, is sparse at best. Certain industries are attempting to change this reality by bringing together stakeholders to discuss the issue. Good for them! Although it might sound flippant, they’re including the most important stakeholders – Latinos!

I’ve spoken with organizations that tell me they’ve formed “committees” or have created “initiatives” to address these same disparity issues. However, participants involved in these efforts aren’t chosen based on experience but rather function. In other words, individuals tasked to help transform the organization have little or no relevant background in Latino culture.

I’m amazed by how many forward-thinking companies still omit this basic component. The importance of Latino representation in this regard goes beyond an issue of “fairness.” If organizations expect to increase the long-term representation of Latino professionals in their organizations, it’s vital they include the very people that understand the Latino perspective.