Career Center Evolution – Again

Penolope Trunk predicts career centers will become the campus “gods” in 2012 – and the role of the career center director will surpass that of certain academics:

The value in the school is the jobs kids get after they graduate. For some schools, just the name of the school will open doors. For most schools, though, this is not true. And for those schools, the career center has an opportunity to add huge value to the diploma.

At some point, university administrators will stop courting physics professors and start courting a high-profile head of the career center. Because right now the career centers are throwing the students under the bus.

The role of college career centers has certainly changed over the last few decades – I even wrote a paper about the topic in graduate school!  In era of virtual networking, recruiting, and interviewing via social media and other technology, career centers will need to redefine their roles once again. What value are career centers providing tech savvy students who in many instances know more about Web 2.0 tools than they do?