2012 – The Year for Latino Talent

Over the last few years, I’ve attempted to provide readers with a basic understanding of Latino culture, and how it might influence Latinos in the workplace. Understanding the nuances of Latino culture can provide organizations additional opportunities to attract, support, and develop Latino talent.

Since starting this blog three years ago, I’ve often shared that Latinos are not a heterogeneous group. Latinos represent an assortment of countries, cultures, races, and experiences; however, I’ve also noted Latinos also share many common values and beliefs. Confused yet?

Discussing these cultural differences has been only a start. Over the next year, I hope to spend much more time blogging about Latino culture, and how it might impact Latinos in the workforce. These ideas are shared with one purpose: to help organizations develop effective Latino talent management strategies.

I’ve shared many times that Latino cultural traits are interdependent and based on connectedness and relationships. By understanding Latino culture, organizations will be better able to improve their efforts to attract professional Latino talent.