Social Media will Revolutionize the Latino Talent Space

I spent a lot of time over the holiday thinking about social media, and how it will impact all aspects of our lives. I’m a heavy Twitter user but made an effort over the last few weeks to delve more into Facebook to connect with family, friends, and organizations. At the same time, like many of you, I’ve been asking the question – what’s next for social media?

Social Media Examiner shares its thoughts here. As I reviewed this list, three broad points came to mind: strategy, content, and experience. More importantly, I considered how these three elements will be applied in the Latino talent and recruitment space.

It’s a bit overwhelming when you consider all the possibilities; however, exciting to see there are so many opportunities to revolutionize how organizations can target Latino professionals.

1/3/12 — Update

Just read this open letter invitation to recruiters posted by the Sirona Says blog. Money quote:

On behalf of social media, we – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn and our many friends would like to welcome you to the 2012 Recruitment Party of The Year – Social Recruiting.
There will be lots of Researching, Sourcing, Tracking, Engaging, Communicating, Informing, Learning, and of course, Recruiting. As with all good parties you will be getting a goody bag to go home with in the shape of more new candidates, long lasting relationships and maybe a few more placements along the way.