Federal Hispanic Career Summit

With the selection of Hilda Solis at the Department of Labor and Ken Salazar at the Department of Interior, Hispanics comprise 13% of President Obama’s cabinet. While these selections represent progress at the highest levels of the Federal government, you might be surprised to learn that Hispanics represent only 7.9% of the federal workforce as compared to 13.2% of the civilian workforce. The gap between the Hispanic representation in the federal sector and Hispanics in the general workforce has widened. In fact, the gap has almost doubled in the last ten years (3% in 1988 and 5.3% in 2008). This problem is exacerbated by the high separation rate of Hispanics—which negates much or all of the gains made in their recruitment.

To address this issue, the Second Annual Federal Hispanic Career Advancement Summit will be held on September 17 in Arlington, Virginia. The summit will offer workshops ranging from effective communication skills to strategies for building coalitions. On top of providing information to enhance the advancement of the talent needed to meet the challenges of the new millennium, the summit also provides an opportunity to network and develop professional relationships.