College or Career – Redefining the Game of Life

According to a recent study by Regina Deil-Amen at the Center for the Study of Higher Education, University of Arizona, and Stefanie DeLuca, a sociologist at Hopkins, students graduating from high school are not ready to enter college and/or the workforce. The authors argue that many high school students are graduating from high school lacking a genuine career direction with few options to either continue their education or enter a viable career.

One possible solution, stated by the authors, would be to incorporate an academic and vocational track into high school curriculums. This would allow high school students to choose either track or potentially a combination of both.

A key point made in the study was a greater need for high school counselors to be trained in academic AND career track guidance. This is particularly true for Latinos that often don’t see their career goals directed toward good career choices. These “barriers” are often a result of environmental factors which are not considered during the advising process.

A lot of good information in this one – worth a read.