Bye Bye Chiquita


I lived in Cincinnati for almost 5 years. True or not, Cincinnati as a community had the  reputation for not being particularly open to diversity – especially in the business sector. Hence, the news today that Chiquita International is relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina after 24 years of being headquartered in Cincinnati is sad. Some argue that Chiquita’s exit only strengthens Cincinnati’s reputation as not being diversity friendly:

So we turned to local Hispanic leaders Alfonso Cornejo, who is President of the Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Jason Riveiro, who sits on the city’s Human Relations Commission and has served as Ohio state Director of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens). Both men say they believe the city of Cincinnati has much to offer immigrants and companies that operate on a global level. But, they also agree that other cities and other regions of the country are doing a better job of rolling out the welcome mat, and encouraging diversity in their communities.

So does diversity impact business? Just ask Charlotte, North Carolina.