List vs. List

I usually don’t put too much stock in “lists” of any type since the selection criteria is usually very subjective and the results can be skewed by popularity rather than objective data. Business Week just released its “list” of Top 10 Employers for College Graduates. The Business Week list is based on three criteria: a survey of career center directors, survey information from the companies, and college graduate surveys.

1. Walt Disney 
2.  Lockheed Martin 
3. Deloitte & Touche 
4. Goldman, Sachs 
5.  Enterprise Rent-A-Car 
6.  U.S. Department of State 
7.  Raytheon 
8.  General Electric
9.  JPMorgan Investment Bank 
10 Abbott Laboratories 

Now take a look at a similar list compiled by Hispanic Business Magazine measuring an organizations commitment to Hispanics in the workplace. This list is based on an in-depth analysis of 30 critical statistics, examining how companies reach Hispanics in recruitment, promotion, retention, procurement, community support, and consumer marketing.   Quite a different list.

1. McDonalds
2. Bank of America
3. SBC Communications
4. Washington Mutual
5. Verizon
6. Sodexho
7. Wells Fargo
8. Darden Restaurants
9. Citigroup
10. Marriott