Miscelleneous Trends

College classes for $99 a month? The Washington Monthly has an intriguing profile on Burck Smith, an Internet entrepreneur who is attempting to change the DNA of higher education. Rather than students being tethered to ivy-covered quads or an anonymous commuter campus, Smith envisions a world where they can seamlessly assemble credits and degrees from multiple online providers, each specializing in certain subjects and—most importantly—fiercely competing on price. An interesting perspective which is reminiscent of how online education changed the way students obtain a college education.

Leveraging functionalities in tough economic times is not limited to Corporate America. Columbia College provides an example of how colleges and universities are restructuring some of their career center, job search, and career counseling functions. Having worked in this type of setup for a few years, I’m not sure how successful it will be in the long run.

Finally, since college graduates are having some challenges finding traditional careers after graduation, here are some alternative career ideas for college graduates.