Embracing vs. fighting realities

Iā€™m always fascinated about why some communities make an effort to incorporate immigrants into their society while others do not, especially in education.

The Toledo Public School District in Ohio, for example, is working with New Mexico Highlands University to provide Latino high school students the opportunity to attend college in other states; and the University of Arkansas (located in Fayetteville) just received a $121,000 grant from its state to examine why Latino high school graduates are not as prepared for college as non-Latino students.

The opposite is true in states like Alabama and South Carolina. In fact, legislation in these states has created an environment filled with fear and apprehension among Latinos ā€“ even elementary school children. Ironically, I came across this 2005 white paper via the University of South Carolina website which begins with the following passage by Jorge Ramos:

To most, America is still the country where human rights, opportunity, and success are possibilities; it inherently inspires hope in those who want nothing more than to make their contribution.

Like I said ā€“ fascinating.