Gracias LATISM!

The 2011 LATISM Annual Conference (#LATISM11) in Chicago is history.

Those of us who attend conferences know they can be uninspiring, exhausting, and frankly, sometimes pointless. The 2011 LATISM Annual Conference was none of these.

It’s hopeless trying to capture three days of amazing passion, inspiration, and energy in a single blog post. It simply wouldn’t do the event justice.

What I would share with you is this: if you’re a business, educational institution, non-profit organization, entrepreneur, or activist, and you’ve not engaged the #LATISM community, you’re overlooking an invaluable social media resource.

I encourage you to become acquainted with those who, on a daily basis, blog, write, and share information impacting Latinos in our society. In most cases, they receive no reward, fanfare, or recognition.

Sure, some are trying to grow a business, but it’s not what they’re about.

Individually, these extraordinary people are the foot soldiers who witness and capture the Latino experience in order to stimulate discussion and change the way others might perceive our community. Collectively, they’re the voice of future.

Thank you LATISM.

Gracias a mi familia.

Infographic by Latino Branding Power