Beyond the “@” – LATISM 2011

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be attending the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) Conference in Chicago. I’ll be sharing tweets, pictures, and (hopefully) some videos from the event in the coming days so please follow us via #LATISM11

Over the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with literally hundreds of Latinos via social media. I value and appreciate every tweet, like, and connection; however, there’s nothing like meeting these remarkable people in person. There’s nothing like witnessing how their online profile matches who they are in real persona: confident, proud, and smart.

Those of us involved in the social media sphere, especially those associated with #LATISM, #HISPZ, and other Latino twitter hashtags, find it easy to continue these virtual relationships face-to-face. Why? I think it comes down to passion.

We come together to share perspectives, ideas, interests, and expectations. We reveal our desires, experiences, and skills – our willingness to do good work in support of our community.  In short, we come together to share and celebrate what it means to be a Latino.

See everyone soon!