Menudo of Links

I’ve been trying to get ahead on some projects this week in anticipation of the 2011 LATISM Conference next week in Chicago. As is the norm when I get too busy, you get a menudo of links. Enjoy!

Marginal Revolution weighs in on why college students should be very careful about the majors they pick – the numbers will surprise you!

Reach Hispanic reports that 90% of Hispanic media budgets miss the mark. The numbers indicate that many organizations remain lost in reaching the Latino marketplace. If marketers are missing the mark – what about your organization’s Latino talent strategy? Hmmm.

As an online educator for close to a decade, this article over at HBR Blog Network is on point. Money quote: “We predict the online education movement will advance the same way that disruptive innovators have succeeded: by serving markets that are too costly or impossible for the incumbents to pursue, and then gradually moving “up-market.”  Indeed.

What’s the growing trend at two year colleges besides the record number of enrolling Latinos – according to the Washington Post, affluent students are choosing them too. How will this trend impact Latinos college students long-term?

When it comes to academic success, Dana Goldstein argues that the parenting problem IS a poverty problem. Great piece.