The HigherEd Revolution: Cost. Access. Quality

I’ve been an online faculty member for several universities for 10 years now. During that time, I’ve seen the technology involved in delivering online learning evolve.  When I started teaching online back in 2000, most online classes meant you spent a lot of time in newsgroups – much like the ones you still find via Yahoo or Google groups. Lots of threads, lots of discussions. Technology has now seen the advent of web-based online environments which can incorporate video, digitized content, rich audio, and libraries.

Today, I can literally facilitate my class using my IPhone. While not practical, it’s an option. In just 10 years, technology has provided unprecedented opportunity to learn.

What has not evolved as quickly has been the concept of using these technological resources to their fullest potential. In other words, with so much knowledge available online, how has higher education adapted? According to Anya Kamenetz, universities still have a ways to go. They still follow a model formed over 400y ears ago. In fact, she argues you can get the same educational experience and benefits on your own.

Are we wasting our “human capital?”

Aside from her presentation below, you can read her FREE eBook, EduPunks Guide, To a DIY Credential.