Breaking the Silos

Hispanic Heritage month is an appropriate time to come together and contemplate where Latinos stand as a community – to take stock. It’s also an opportunity.

We must look to ourselves: to come together, to reexamine, and lead on what needs to be changed within our community.

Many look toward organizations, government, and others to lead on this task; however, this is our responsibility. We need not look elsewhere to provide leadership on this topic.

When I speak to different organizations, educators, students, and friends, they’re eager to be part of the solution. Many of them are working on various initiatives aimed at helping their respective Latino causes. Yet, many believe they’re not doing enough.

And the rationale for this sentiment is that they’re often not sure how to tear down the silos that often keep our community from leveraging our strengths, our talents, and our creativity.

Given what the challenges are and what opportunities exist for Latinos, there is no question we need to come together.