Will Growth Mean Support?

Marybeth Gathman at the Chronicle suggests most predominately white institutions (PWIs) might not be ready to support increased Latino enrollments at colleges and universities. Some colleges are taking notice. While HSIs are effectively addressing a growing Latino student population, questions remain about how colleges outside of traditional Latino regions will meet Latinos’ unique needs:

Many of the PWI’s boasting new growth in their Latino student populations have been fairly homogenous in terms of their racial make-up in the past. How are they making change to accommodate students with different backgrounds, experiences, and needs? Will retention programs have to be altered? What about campus programming? And how about the faculty? Does the faculty reflect the changing student body? Will there be same-race role models for Latino students? Research tells us that having role models with similar cultural backgrounds is vital to student success. Latinos make up less that 5 percent of faculty nationwide. Will we begin encouraging more Latino students to pursue Ph.D.’s and enter the college teaching profession?