Menudo of Links

As is customary in my blog (or in the kitchen!), when you have leftovers , you need to make a bit of stew – or menudo! So many interesting topics and so little time. Please take a look at some of these very insightful articles/posts. It will be worth your time. Enjoy the sopa!

Excelencia in Education shares a great report regarding Latino college students – and where they are geographically (at Hispanic Serving Institutions). Did you know that over half of all Latino undergraduate students in higher education (54%) are enrolled in less than 10 percent of institutions? Read more.

Getting Smart shares their thoughts on the PEW Hispanic study regarding the increase in Latino college enrollments. A reason to celebrate.

Great post by HBR Blog Network regarding the unmet dream of Martin Luther King – especially at the top of organizations. Did you know that only seven Fortune 500 companies have a Latino CEO, even though Latinos are the fastest growing population in the country?

Disgusting and unfortunate acts on the University of Indiana campus targeting a Latino Cultural center. A reminder that ignorance is still alive and well.

A great NPR interview regarding applying gifted student strategies to underserved and underachieving students. Why not?

Excellent piece by NewsTaco regarding Latinos and the class of 2012. A must read.