Leveling the College Admissions Process Through Technology

Kevin Carey at the Washington Monthly provides a very insightful article about the college admissions process and ConnectEDU, an online service that assists prospective college students find colleges that are likely accept them.  The service hopes to level the playing field in the college admissions process which has historically been challenging to Latinos and other minorities for a number of reasons including its complexity and access to information.  Carey explains:

But there’s another culprit at work: the college admissions process itself. If you want to buy shares of stock, bid on antiques, search for a job, or look for Mr. Right in 2011, you will likely go to a marketplace driven by the electronic exchange of information. There will be quick, flexible transactions, broad access to buyers and sellers, and powerful algorithms that efficiently match supply and demand. If you are a student looking for a college or a college looking for a student, by contrast, you’re stuck with an archaic, over-complicated, under-managed system that still relies on things like bus trips to airport convention centers and the physical transmission of pieces of paper. That’s why under-matching is so pervasive. The higher education market only works for students who have the resources to overcome its terrible inefficiency. Everyone else is out of luck.

This is an interesting piece which describes a great service that can hopefully open some additional doors for Latino college students.
Photo: Washington Monthly