Non-Traditional is the New Normal

I liked this piece via UTNE for a number of reasons including my experience working within the college for-profit industry, it’s focus on non-traditional (really mainstream) students, and it’s appreciation for Latinos as first-generation college students. Some provocative and insightful perspectives given the nature of higher education’s culture and timidity for change.  Worth your time to read. – money quote:

For-profit colleges are the only U.S. institutions that are seriously committed to expanding their numbers, community colleges already enroll half of all undergraduates, and both disproportionately enroll the demographic groups that dominate the next generation of Americans: Hispanics, all other minority groups, first-generation college students. Some of the boldest thinking is happening in these “nontraditional” institutions. Concerns about quality and affordability in the new mainstream of higher education have to be addressed head-on.