Latinos Stay in College – We Need You

After posting this last night, I found this incredible piece written by Dr. Joseph Villescas after finding out that one his most promising Latino students has decided to leave academic pursuits for non-profit work. It’s a  profound appeal for reconsideration given the lack of Latino representation in higher education. Consider it an addendum to my thoughts from yesterday. Stunning.

All that I can advise him and others like him is to stay in school, be passionate about your studies, find your voice, get ahead on your final projects, finish multiple degree programs and learn how to link your short-term academic interests with your longitudinal civic and professional pursuits. Your own future, and that of 50 million-plus Latinos, depend not just on the completion of your advanced degrees, but that you go through each of these academic milestones increasingly aware of the power you have to shape your country’s future.