Reality Check – Hispanic Workforce Snapshot

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) today released a “snapshot” study of the Hispanic workforce (including native and foreign-born workers). The report, entitled “Fractures in the Foundation: The Latino Worker’s Experience in an Era of Declining Job Quality,” paints a realistic picture of the work to be done within the Hispanic labor force by comparing the working characteristics of native and foreign-born Hispanic workers. The study reports that Hispanics have the highest labor force participation rate of any racial or ethnic group, which means they are more likely to be employed or actively searching for work than other groups. In 2008, 68.5% of Latinos over age 16 were in the labor market, compared to 66.3% of Whites and 63.7% of African Americans. Not only are Hispanic workers more likely than other groups to be part of the labor force, they are also more likely to be employed.  Although they have a robust presence in the labor force, Hispanics are concentrated in jobs that require low levels of formal education and skills, often with insecure attachment to their employers. The report provides policy recommendations for improving Hispanic working conditions.