How Do We See the Future?

Among many of the challenges faced by Latino college students whose parents are undocumented isĀ  access to financial aid. In order to obtain any kind of financial support, most of these students depend on private sources (work, loans, etc.) or scholarships. Such is the case in this story of “Sergio” (not his real name). Not only has “Sergio” served two internships while attending SDSU, but his academic achievements have allowed him to finance 60% of his college education through scholarships. This is not a choice however – private sources and work are his only options to finance his education. The vast majority of students like “Sergio” don’t have this same opportunity.

Latino talent like Sergio’s must be embraced, developed, and employed. It’s the type talent we need in the workforce.

One has to admire what “Sergio” has done in overcoming such barriers – but one must also consider what more he could have achieved without them.

Pass the Dream Act.

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