Dreaming in Nebraska

Educational opportunity for every resident of the United States is one of the cornerstones of our society. Nearly thirty years ago, the Supreme Court acknowledged as such by securing access to primary and secondary education to all U.S. residents regardless of their immigration status. 

In Plyer v. Doe, the Supreme Court ruled that undocumented children had the right to attend free public primary and secondary schools. Ironically, these same students are not afforded the same educational privileges beyond high school. And so goes the fight for the Dream Act.

This issue is playing out all over the United States. Not only in states like Arizona or Georgia – but in the small Midwestern towns of Nebraska.

A new documentary, When the Counting Stops, profiles 6 Latino high school students pursuing their American dream in Crete, Nebraska. The trailer is posted below.

When one gets beyond the political rhetoric and noise, we see how advocating for the educational and professional goals of these young dreamers can only improve our country.