Still Playing Catch Up

A cool report by Georgetown University, “What’s it Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors”, just came out and is filled with interesting salary data. The report is based on Census data and found that majors are segregated by race and gender.

Field of study obviously impacts long-term earnings of college graduates with science and technology majors earning more than social science and humanities majors. Another key finding is not a surprise: women’s wages are lower than those of men. The same can be said of other minorities including Latinos:

Hispanics earn the most with a major in Mechanical Engineering ($70,000 median). However, the median for Hispanics is$13,000 less than the median for Whites with the same major.

Hispanics earn the least in Theology and Religious Vocation majors with median earnings of $30,000, which is less than the White and African-American medians in this field.