Remembering Bobby Kennedy

As was the case during his life, the legacy of Robert Kennedy continues to support and recognize the importance of the Latino community. I was 5 years old growing up in Los Angeles when RFK was assassinated 43 years ago today. Even at that young age, I distinctly remember and understood the sadness and grief experienced throughout our community during those horrible days. Who can forget the images of Doleres Huerta, a leader in Cesar Chavez’s Farm Workers Union, at the podium with RFK moments after winning the California primary and minutes before being shot.

Today, RFK’s legacy lives on through the RFK  Center for Justice and Human Rights which recognizes leaders in the area of Human Rights. Many of RFK’s ideals still live today. In 2010 the organization recognized Abel Barrera Hernandez, the founder of one of the most respected and successful human rights organizations in Mexico.