Representation at All Levels

This is an insightful article from Hispanic Outlook magazine regarding the under-representation of Latinos in higher education. While some progress has been made, it’s really been insignificant. Even during my college days at the University of Texas at El Paso, a student body with a 70+ percent student body, less than 10% of faculty was Hispanic. I think the total number of Hispanic professors during my undergraduate and graduate studies totaled two. Zero Hispanic professors for my doctorate.

We focus much of our efforts in getting Latinos through the educational pipeline and into college, yet we don’t focus on assuring there’s a supportive community for them once they arrive – at all levels of the college environment.  And while administrative representation, support services, and other resources are important for Latinos in higher education, just as important is the representation of Latino faculty. The lack of Latino academic representation means students are not able to interact with faculty that understand their background and experiences. And sadly, Latino professors are not able to share their experiences with Latino students.