Supporting a Growing Community

As the Census results and analysis continue to resonate across the country, no question the growth of the Latino population is the big story. Extraordinary growth in “non-traditional” Latino states like Montana, Kentucky, Alaska, North Dakota, and others illustrate how Latinos are moving beyond their Southwest roots.

As I contemplate my own relocation to Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve started to research what professional and community support groups I’ll be able to find there. Unfortunately, only a few – but these few are making a positive impact to support the city’s 74% Latino growth rate since 2000. Milwaukee, which is about two hours away from Madison, resembles much of what I find here in Cincinnati. Madison is much like other communities that are coming to grips with a growing Latino population. This article, for example, provides an illustration of how one person can make a positive difference in a growing Latino community.  Learn about Andres Moreno and how he’s making a difference.