Shifting Streams of Communication

Great post by Giovannie Rodriguez at New Generation Latino Consortium (NGLC) regarding multiple communication streams and social media. It seems social media has changed the way we should think about “reaching” groups or demographics. More importantly, the words or terms we use in this respect have also changed – from mainstream to multicultural – from melting pot to ethnic identity.

But therein lies the opportunity for Latinos or any other group vying for power on the new social web.  We are living in a time where the mainstream has been supplanted by multiple streams, the metaphor of choice, by the way, of social networking companies that trade in conversation.  The dream for Latinos may no longer be the crossover dream – i.e., the dream of entering the mainstream — but instead to create the dream stream, the one that everyone is watching, the one that most contributes to other streams, even the ones that pass for mainstream today.

These paradigm shifts have significant implications to communicating with Latinos, particularly in a work environment. How can an organization assure its message is reaching the intended internal audience, but more importantly, if it is – is it making sense?