A Good Start

Diversity Inc. shares its Top 10 Companies for Latinos. I’m usually not a big fan of “lists” (school rankings or otherwise) since the criteria is always somewhat narrow. However, there are some hints that some companies are making inroads in the representation of Latinos in the organization and in the boardroom. According to Diversity Inc, the Top 10 Companies for Latinos include the following:

  • Their workforces are on par with U.S. census percentage of Latinos (about 13 percent), but they have 7.5 percent of managers who are Latino, compared with 6.8 percent nationally. Even more important, 9 percent of management promotions on average went to Latinos at these companies
  • Their boards of directors are 10.3 percent Latino, compared with 3.1 percent nationally (Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility)
  • On average, 9.4 percent of their employees are members of their Latino or Hispanic employee-resource groups