Great TV, Short on Substance

That, I think, was the outcome from last night’s Town Hall Meeting on Latino Education sponsored by Univision. While the core message regarding the academic success of Latinos was important, much of the discussion lacked some depth. No doubt there is a sincere effort being made by the Obama Administration to support the educational success of Latinos, and I applaud the President’s effort. A lot of good discussion on parent involvement, educational budget allocations, and early childhood support. A few good laughs as well regarding the President’s use of technology. However, some of the chatter on Twitter via #latism and other Latino channels was somewhat divided. Some wanted to hear more policy discussion and while others questioned the “politics” of such an event, especially after the census results. Not sure how much could have been addressed in a 60 minute program. In either case, the event illustrated the importance of the growing Latino population and its importance to the economic future of the United States.