Dream Act: From the Ashes….

The failure of the DreamAct last week signals the start of the next phase in getting the legislation passed. The next couple years will be uncertain ones indeed. Via SignOn San Diego:

The Senate vote Saturday to toss the proposal that would have granted young illegal immigrants a route to legal status dealt a harsh blow to student activists who will face an even steeper uphill battle in the next Congress.

Immigrants see rough times ahead in the next two years, with many Republicans vowing to push for tougher immigration enforcement, but they also say Latino voters are getting fed up with lawmakers at a time when they are accruing greater political clout.

Ruben Navarrette adds this:

Who has been stringing along immigration reform advocates with promises to fix a broken system that somehow never gets fixed? Democrats. Who controls the White House and both houses of Congress and has for the last two years? Democrats. Who’s controlled Congress for the last four years, the first two under George W. Bush, who supported immigration reform? Democrats. Which party is deathly afraid of being seen as soft on illegal immigration and consistently has its most vulnerable members trying to strengthen their credentials in this regard by opposing even sensible pieces of reform legislation? Democrats.