Falling Between the Cracks (Pass the Dream Act)

Ruben Navarrette’s piece provides yet another illustration of why the Dream Act needs to be passed. In this case, the college student in question (and ready for deportation) is the student body President at Cal State University, Fresno. He was brought illegally to the United States when he was three.

Student body president Pedro Ramirez is an illegal immigrant whose parents brought him to California from Mexico when he was 3. Like many others in his situation, he has no memory of living anywhere but the United States and he’s always considered this country to be his home. Ramirez has said in media interviews that he always assumed he was a U.S. citizen until his senior year in high school, when his parents told him otherwise.

It’s simple really. The DREAM Act is a fair and the right thing to do in order to provide the children of undocumented immigrants the opportunity to contribute and be productive citizens. Only politics is keeping these individuals the opportunity to pursue the American Dream.