Two Great NPR Pieces

NPR is awesome – despite some of the political rhetoric aimed at them recently. Here are two excellent pieces featured over the last week. 

First, a story regarding minority faculty and how some colleges in MA. are attempting to improve their representation. Money quote from the interview which resonated with me:

“When I got my Ph.D. (at Tulane University), I didn’t have a black professor, and New Orleans is 70 percent black. As an undergrad I didn’t have one either,” Baskerville Watkins said. “So much of what we think we can do is based on what we see. So if I don’t see anyone who looks like me, it is easy to think, ‘oh that’s not for me.’”

Second, an interview with newly elected chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Democratic Representative Charlie Gonzalez. A good discussion regarding the recent PEW poll regarding national Latino leaders (I blogged about it here) among other issues important to Latinos – including the Dream Act.