Music as a Cultural Bridge Builder

Craving Latino rock music this morning, I came across AltLatino via NPR. The website is an incredible resource for Latino music – but it’s also much more.

I spent a couple hours this morning listening to a few podcasts and listening to a different wave of Latino music. I was fascinated by the cross-cultural aspects of the music. Many musical themes (immigration for example) touch across national borders. In fact, a good majority of fans of these groups span from Japan to Africa – some would suggest that many of their U.S. concerts have a mixture of audiences not just Latinos.

It was an eye-opening morning. Music as a cultural bridge builder exploring common experiences. Explore their site when you have a couple hours to listen to some alternative and thought provoking music. Below is a video by Manu Chao called Clandestino  – the song’s about immigration but resonates across many national borders and people. Enjoy.