Latinos: Overcoming College Ed Financial Barriers

I’ve written a couple times on the issue how Latino college students  pay for their college education (here and here). Here’s a just released report by the Center for Urban Education entitled  “Tapping HSI-STEM Funds to Improve Latina and Latino Access to STEM Professions” which provides additional evidence that Latino success is partially dependent to financial factors. I’ve shared similar information via HTM and presentations regarding how finances impact the type of institutions Latinos attend (not to mention the ability to complete their degree, etc.). Among the many recommendations to increase Latino success in STEM fields (and applicable to other degrees I think):

 … gaining a thorough understanding of the resources and institutional supports that are required. Evidence is needed not only on “best practices” but also on how faculty members, counselors and administrators become “best practitioners” to bring about the envisioned improvements.

It’s great to see finance barriers getting more attention as a significant factor in Latino college success.