So What…..

Over the last few days, I’ve spent some time reading through tweets coming out of the Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference (#ANAmarketers). There were a lot of great comments on Latinos and other cultural groups regarding marketing, hiring, retention, leadership, and other topics. Here’s a sampling:

…hispanics are a top priority to fuel future growth …. employee affinity & several informal interest groups 4 employees aimed 2 foster a culture of high inclusivity….
… just because you have visual diversity, doesn’t mean u r utilizing it to its fullest potential if you are not tapping into it…. to know hispanic marketing you have to know marketing….. our workforce is diverse and 15% of its officers are diverse ……

And while I think this information is critical to know and understand – I’d like to add a comment: “So what?”

So what that Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the United States; so what that more Latinos are entering college; so what that the Latino workforce is increasingly entering the professional workforce; so what that Latinos’ purchasing power will be close to a trillion dollars by 2011; so what that nearly 80% of Latinos engage in some type of social media; so what that businesses say Latino consumers will influence fashion and beauty trends. So what.

Most organizations still overlook this data and this business opportunity- some by choice and many simply because “they don’t get it.”

I read through a report today that stated: “demographics are not destiny.” I’ve heard this phrase before, but maybe it was the overload of data in my head – that made me reflect on what this idiom really means.

The future of Latinos in the workforce, as consumers, as entrepreneurs, as educators, and as leaders cannot be determined by demographic changes alone. It’s too simple a reason. I’d suggest that Latinos’ future – our future – will be created by choices we make individually and collectively. We are only limited by our desire to achieve it.