Oh…. Are You Latino?

I came across this interesting contribution from Diversity Inc. online entitled “Ten Things Never to Say to Latino Executives.”  It should really apply to ALL Latinos in the workplace – not just executives. An interesting premise given that I’ve dealt with much of this issue my whole career.

People rarely assume I’m Latino. My ethnicity is often assumed to be Italian or German – but never Latino. It’s routinely opened up a world that’s not often seen in the workplace – one that exists for a moment in the after-hour elevator rides, bathrooms, or parking lots.

The “comments” are always fleeting – like a book that’s opened and shut before anyone can read it. It’s often a message that’s understood between two people knowing they’re of like minds.

For me, it’s a double-edged sword. It gives me a rare opportunity to witness the true essence of person with a dark core. And perhaps, on some occasions, it also gives me a chance to try and change their views.