Local Latino Businesses Tell the Story

Articles regarding the increase of Latino businesses around the country have been popular in newspapers around the country this last week. The articles were likely spawned by the recent Census report showing that Hispanic-owned businesses have increased at more than double the national rate. This an incredible and notable statistic. 

Below is a sampling of different communities that have examined this increase at a local level over the last few days. There are more but this is only a sampling. Every community is different and each has a story to tell so take a look. Also note locations of some communities, not your traditional Latino regions. There is simply no denying that Latinos are a robust and growing business power. Despite the the tough economic environment, Latinos are finding a way. 

The community list after the jump.

Providence, Rhode Island 

New York City

Fort Worth, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Atlantic City, New Jersey

San Jose, California

Lincoln, Nebraska

Oklahoma City

Phoenix, Arizona

Atlanta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

Indianapolis, Indiana