Don't Wait, Make Your Dreams Happen. By Edwin Martinez

Another guest contribution from my good friend Edwin Martinez, PHR. Enjoy!

Everyone has dreams and aspirations for their lives. Believing in those dreams is what fuels many people to take action towards making them come true. Unfortunately, some people go through their entire lifetime as “victims of the circumstance” while they wait to see what happens. According to, this phrase refers to someone whose bad luck was not of his own making; born at the wrong place at the wrong time; got out of bed on the wrong side; or crossed the road at the wrong moment. This mentality consequently impedes some people from achieving success and prosperity or realizing any of their dreams.

Sadly, some people prefer to negate their dreams based on negative circumstances and use them as an excuse to live in mediocrity. Some simply sit and wait for doors to open without ever knocking on them or just expect miracles to happen without ever making any effort. As free agents in this world, we have the ability to manifest our desires far beyond our own expectations if we first identify what it is that we really want. Unfortunately, most people do not even identify with their callings, gifts, or talents that can serve as the catapult to achieve what they want out of life.

I recently shared a dream with someone with the expectation that this person would encourage me to go for it and to share some enthusiasm and excitement at the possibility of such an accomplishment. However, this person immediately took out his pin and attempted to “pop” my dream bubble! When we share our dreams with others with others, we take the risk of encountering “bubble poppers.” Those who do not want to see other succeed immediately reveal their jealousy by sharing disaster stories and reasons why our plans will not work. They thrive on negative energies and do not want others to “pass them up.”

If you want to achieve YOUR dreams and aspirations, there is good news that will inspire you to stay the course. There is no need to wait for others to approve our dreams or help us in any way. Simply put, we do not need wait for things to happen; we can MAKE them happen! We can take charge of our destiny by making every effort on our own FIRST. You can achieve all your dreams once you understand that more steps must follow the first foundational step of courage and determination. Then be surprised by how the right people and opportunities will appear in your life at the right time and at the right place, all there to help you achieve your goals. You may still encounter some bubble poppers who will try to discourage you, but YOU are in charge of your life now. Taking responsibility for your life gives you an upper hand.

Although a nonchalant and lackadaisical attitude is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not help when it comes to our hopes and dreams in life. Waiting to see what happens is a passive attitude towards your goal of accomplishing your goals and achieve success. No one who has ever achieved success has done it based on what others have done for him or her and waiting to see what happens. The internal drive for success MUST be the underlying force to drive us to make our dreams come true. Should we wait for everything to be perfect before doing something that we really want? Not if we really want it!

There will always be another piece of education to attain, a person to meet, and even a closet to organize. In short, the time is never right to start moving towards our dreams. Waiting to see what happens makes no provision for our greatness. Making daily strides towards our goals is the only way to ensure that we get to where we want to go. No one can claim to have climbed a mountain by just looking at it and telling others, “someday I will climb that mountain.” Mountain climbers and dream achievers see it in their minds, believe it, and then take action to make it happen. You have heard it said that life waits for no one, so why wait and see happens anymore. It is time to take the first step and see YOUR dreams come true!