Changing Paradigms One Week at a Time

Sometimes a week can demonstrate how quick things can change.

In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell (non-affiliate link) suggests that innovation or new paradigms emerge when an idea reaches critical mass. It takes just one idea to reach the “tipping point.”

Over the last week, I’ve read about many organizations and initiatives that are changing how we think about educating all demographic groups in the United States, particularly Latinos. Below are just some examples of what I mean.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund:  Announces a new effort today to increase college-going and college-completion rates among Hispanic Americans;

Achieve Instill Inspire Foundation: Launches a program to increase the number of male Latino and African American school teachers;

La Prensa San Diego: Advocating that ALL Americans deserve an education;

U.S. Department of Education:  Launches a new video entitled, La universidad: un sueño alcanzable;

Coalition of Latino Organizations: Launches a new campaign to increase Latino college completion rates.

Portland State University: Just launched an initiative to recruit and retain more Latino students.

I’m sure to have missed many other initiatives and programs over the last week but this gives you an idea of how much movement there is to change the educational mindset.  The “tipping point” is coming – it’s just a matter of when….