Something About Mary….

Today I had the pleasure of attending a diversity and inclusion event sponsored by NSHMBA and Macy’s at the Macy’s corporate headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Often times at these events, it’s not just about learning from the speakers who present, but learning from the people who you meet. I was fortunate to sit next to a woman by the name of Mary who had the incredible experience of developing online training programs on a global scale.

Our chat during lunch was fascinating. She walked me through the multicultural and technical aspects of her project. As I listened to her experiences in developing virtual learning applications in multicultural environments, I thought to myself, we need more people like Mary in this world. People that build cultural bridges using what they know. I don’t think Mary realizes just how much talent and ability it took to do what she did. Yes the work was hard but what she accomplished was a big deal.

Being a connection between distinct cultures is never easy even in our own country, and yet she accomplished this on a much larger scale. I encouraged Mary to write an article or somehow share her experiences with others. We all need to follow in the footsteps people like Mary – the cultural bridge builder.

 Thanks Mary!