Discussions to Have….Update

A few days ago, I posted some thoughts regarding a discussion going on at the National Journal’s Education Expert Blog (NJEE) regarding a NACE report  stating less than 20 percent of 2009 college graduates who had applied for a job by the end of April had one in hand. I noted that discussions like the one occuring at NJEE must occur within organizations routinely as a means to develop strategic plans that address an organization’s future talent needs.

Kevin Wheeler on his Over the Seas blog echos my thought in discussing  PricewaterhouseCoopers‘ recent study regarding CEOs and organizational talent strategy. His thoughts are intriguing but this comment was most relative to my points above:

The second reason  is that HR has not made much of a case for taking a strategic look at the workforce. At IBM, Dupont and few other organizations there has been significant progress in looking at future workforce needs and skills.  They have made extensive analysis of the current workforce and the skills it has and have mapped those skills to perceived emerging needs.