Why the CHL Leadership Summit Matters

Next week I’ll be attending the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. I’m honored to be a participant on two panels.

The CHL Summit arrives at a critical time. It seems to me we are searching for a new kind of leadership. Why? Because leadership in the 21st century can no longer rest on the idea that leadership exists in an individual. Leadership resides within everyone. Its development is holistic – centered in heart, mind, passion, and energy.

The upcoming CHL Summit is based on the concept that leadership is the driving force of innovation; where inclusivity is key and engaging a wider social environment is essential. Leadership can no longer be a dominant/passive role between leaders and followers.  It’s a shared relationship where collaboration helps achieve higher-level outcomes focused on transforming conventional strategies.

This event is important because leaders must possess a deep and diverse basket of competencies to meet a business environment characterized by the “new normal”  – a business environment where economic resiliency is based on global connectedness and is driven by new knowledge using diverse thinking.

I think we’ve entered a new participatory leadership paradigm. One in which each member is trusted, respected and empowered. It’s based on the collaboration between individuals and where the leadership role can shift from person to person. It’s a new paradigm where success is dependent on one’s ability to harness the diversity of the group to develop a community, which can achieve at a higher level than the sum of the individuals.

Leadership like innovation arises collectively.