Latino Leadership: Capturing the #LATISM Perspective

LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) sponsored a great discussion via Twitter on Hispanic Leadership. I adjusted my “Live Blogging” feature via CoverItLive to cut down on the repetitive tweets and focus on the key themes as the discussion progresses. I’ve also added my thoughts and observations. Enjoy!

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My thoughts can be found after the jump…

A variety of opinions thus far. Interesting to note not much discuss about the significant progress Latinos have made in education and professional environments. Compared to when I was growing up in the 1960s, there has been significant progress; however, gaps might be widening differently in certain areas (i.e. education, entrepreneurship, small biz etc. )

I like that many in the discussion are rallying around a viable and compelling future. There’s definitely a sense that better days are ahead for the Latino community despite the challenges we face today. We’ve made significant progress and will continue to do so.

Focus on youth is important.  Latinos are a relatively young U.S. population and our presence will continue to influence United States well into the 21st century.

Interesting to note that discussion is emphasizing the idea of community leadership. Unlike hierarchical leadership models, participants are indirectly hitting upon the idea of community servanthood – the idea that we can lead as a community and we don’t necessarily need a few individuals leading the way. Insightful.

Fun to see the quips as we discuss some vital issues facing Latinos in this country – many are daunting . Yet interesting to see Latino characteristic of balancing thoughtful conversation with having fun along the way. It’s why Latinos are able to bring a nice balance of hard work and fun to organizational settings.

The high volume of tweets demonstrates that a high level of collaboration and community building preludes the work of Latino leaders. What you see here is concerted and collective action at work. Very cool.

LATISM and social media provides an interesting way by which Latinos can form a unified and collective identity (remember we’re not a monolithic group!).  The challenge of unifying a heterogeneous community is often one of the struggles faced by the Latino community. Harnessing this collective identity will translate into greater influence in social, political, and economic areas.  Social media (i.e. LATISM) is facilitating this process. Interesting!  

Latino leaders have a delicate balance to maintain. Based on the comments tonight, it seems to me that Latinos need to develop relationships and partnerships with many constituencies while simultaneously advocating and being activists for the people they represent.

Good discussion tonight. I’m left with the thought that future Latino leaders will be at forefront of shaping the diverse future of the America. This will be one of our greatest challenges as a nation. Build partnerships, bridges, and understanding is the future of Latino leaders.