What are Words For…

I grew up in the 1980’s listening to a lot of New Wave music – I was even a part-time DJ, great job!  A favorite group of mine at the time was Missing Persons – a classic New Wave group. One of the band’s songs streamed on my laptop today as I was working, “Words” – I’m sure you’ve heard it.

It’s funny how a song can stop you in your tracks and get you thinking about what’s going on. The lyrics of Words got me thinking about the numerous issues and problems we all face today. Many are incredibly complex and need answers, quickly.  However, it seems today we communicate in sound bites and rhetoric rather than sincere, honest, and respectful discussions.  It seems at times everyone is talking but no one is willing to listen. I find this bit of lyrics, and frankly the rest of the song,  appropriate for today’s environment:

Something has to happen to change the direction
What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression
It’s a sorry state I say to myself

At a time when many sit stupefied and traumatized by the rhetoric around them, let’s not forget that words can provide powerful answers to those who listen and to those who speak.

Update 9/9/2010: Maria Hinojosa hits the nail on the head via this insightul and thoughtful discussion.