Experience the Journey: Follow Feminista PhD

Obtaining a terminal degree (doctorate, PhD, etc. )  is not easy. It’s not easy even under the best conditions; meaning that’s all you’re doing. Working on my doctorate from 2005-2009 was incredibly challenging given that I was working, a stay-at-home dad, and teaching. However, I wouldn’t change one experience. I had the honor of meeting and working with some extraordinary people.

If you want a front row seat about how much work it takes, I’d encourage you to visit Veronica Arreola at  Feminista PhD. I’ve not had a chance to meet her, however, we tweeted a few times during the Latism/NSHMBA party last week.  She can found via Twitter at @veronicaeye . Veronica describes herself as “a mom, married and will continue to work full-time as director of a program for women majoring in science, engineering and math…” while completing her PhD.  Keep in mind that all of these are full-time commitments. Incredible, no? 

I’ll be following and supporting Veronica’s efforts – I hope you will too.