A Labor of Love

As we enter the Labor Day weekend, I wanted to send thanks to all of you that visit HTM.

I’ve had conversations with many of you and shared how this blog has evolved into more than I ever expected. It’s become a conduit to meeting an ever-growing number of creative, intelligent, and driven people that share many of my passions – all in different industries and disciplines. I appreciate each one of you. 

We live in a world where there’s a growing need for innovation, and I think this can only be done by learning from one another. New perspectives. It’s what all of you have given me. Whereas learning was once seen as an individual endeavor, I realize (as an educator, researcher, and now a blogger) that learning also comes from interactions with people of diverse networks. Diverse thinking.  I also think learning comes increasingly from social interactions, debate, and dialogue.

As a result of HTM and my interactions with you, I think we’ve helped spawn new insights, different ways of solving problems, and new approaches to old issues. I understand that trust and reciprocity are key factors in allowing this to occur – and for that – I’m grateful!  

Thank you for letting my efforts here be a labor of love.  Happy Labor Day!